Almost everything on this site is made to order (hence a "pre-order" status on most products). Choose number of cavities for prices
Lead time (time from payment to machining) is posted on the main page banner. Please only order if you're okay with it!

There is an endless number of possible hook model/size combination and (for now) we don't want to limit you. We're willing to tailor the mold to your needs as long as it is done according to the rules below. Contact us with hook model/size you want to use with the mold (and other modifications, if needed) AFTER placing the order.

Double-sided mold option:
A mold with two rows of cavities. Only available for small hook sizes. If a chosen combination of weight/hook can't be made in a double-sided mold, we'll refund the difference and will make a regular single-sided mold

50/50 option:

This option let's you have 2 different weights / collar types / hook sizes in one mold (same head design though). Can be combined with a "double-sided mold" option (if possible, see above). 
If there is an odd number of cavities (like 7 or 9 cavs) there will be more cavities for a smaller size (ex: in a 7 cavities 50/50 mold there will be 4 cavities for 1/8oz and 3 cavities for 1/4oz). 
Add a comment at check-out about the second weight/collar/hook option.

Hinges/handles options:
1) no hinges/handles;
2) hinges only - you'll have to make your own handles. The mold will have a few holes that you can thread to accept M5 bolts. The simplest is to buy a 1.5" x 0.5" wood plank and bolt it on;
3) hinges + handles, see the picture. Since attaching this type of handles uses some of the usable space there might be 1 less cavity in such mold, compared to a mold without handles (options 1 and 2).


- we don't make molds with mixed weights at this point (with rare exceptions), only production style where all the cavities are the same, whatever amount of cavities that fits into our 7" blanks. For small weights it is usually 6 to 9 cavities (depending on weight, shape and hook size). For larger weights and hooks it will be fewer cavs. We can't post number of cavities for every possible weight/hook combination so whatever number that fits. If you absolutely need to know the number of cavities - contact us via Facebook messenger;

- we don't make molds that (officially) fit different hook sizes and models. Every mold is made for a specific hook model/size. Eyelets are usually slightly oversized so in theory some other hook sizes/model can fit there but, again, officially every mold is supposed to be used with specific hook model/size;

- molds can be made either without hinges and handles or hinged with some basic handles. See pictures and choose while ordering;

- we don't have hooks (or other hardware like eyelets, weed guard posts, etc) so the design is based on hooks pics and wire diameter (if we can find it). There is some chance that you'll have to make some minor modifications to eyelets cavities of the mold to better accommodate your hooks (with a file or Dremel);

If you can't make it work with some DIY - you can return it within 14 days but tracked shipping back is on you and original shipping isn't refundable. If you don't agree with this - please don't order.

Some molds are more tricky than others and may require, for example, keeping everything very hot or using a ladle instead of Lee pot. Every customer has different experience but we assume that you know what you're doing and can make it work. If you can't - you can return it within 14 days but tracked shipping back is on you and original shipping isn't refundable. If you don't agree with this - please don't order.

- jighead weight is based on (volume * clean soft lead density) formula. Real-life weight could be somewhat different from a theoretical one;


Nothing is made exclusively unless it is clearly stated and paid for (usually only relevant for the customer's own unique design that the customer wants to keep to himself). Everything (that isn't exclusive) will be added to the molds catalog and will be available to other customers

Pictures are for reference only! They were made in different periods of time and may have a non-standard number of cavities. The actual mold will have whatever number of cavities that will fit our blanks as explained above!

If you have questions, need some assistance or want to request a mold for a different weight, hook or need some modifications, please contact us via messaging on our FB page:

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